Chrysler Unveils 2013 Mopar Dodge Dart

If I'm being honest, I've never found the Dodge Dart to be an appealing car. It lacks the performance I want to see in a sports car and the looks were boring enough that you can pretty much guarantee I pay no attention when I see them on the street. Chrysler has unveiled a new 2013 Mopar Dodge Dart that I do rather like.

This will be a very limited edition vehicle with only 500 numbered units to be constructed at the assembly plant in Belvidere, Illinois. Chrysler has promised more details the vehicle will go live today, but those details are missing as yet. What we do know is that the Mopar Dart will be customized with a number of Mopar performance parts and accessories.

In the teaser photo here, the car actually looks very good, I would totally drive that and that is the first time I can say that about a Dodge Dart. Dodge says that the Mopar Dart is designed for the driving enthusiast. The 500 vehicles will be powered by a 1.4-liter Multiair intercooled turbocharged engine with a manual transmission. The cars will all be offered in black with car length Mopar Blue stripes.

The vehicles get improved handling thanks to a performance steering gear calibration, suspension that is 7 mm lower than normal, and 225/40-R18 tires. The cars will also get a premium brake kit with slotted rotors, a performance tuned exhaust, and a Mopar ground effects kit. Inside the car will be custom Mopar Blue leather seating with black accents and a serialized badge on the dash. The car also gets wireless smartphone charging and an 8.4-inch navigation screen among other details. Pricing on these limited edition vehicles is unknown.

[via Dodge]