Chrysler Uconnect workaround fix stops reboot bug, but it's not perfect

Some Chrysler customers located in Northeast US and Canada have been dealing with a software issue that results in their vehicle's Uconnect infotainment system repeatedly rebooting. A recent update was blamed for the issue, which in some cases happened even if the car was off and the key wasn't in the ignition. Some users were unable to drive their vehicles due to the battery draining.

Details on the issue weren't forthcoming; The Verge reports that it affected the Uconnect 4C NAV with 8.4in screen system, but how many people are dealing with it isn't clear. On Tuesday, Fiat Chrysler shared the following information through its Uconnect Twitter account:

That change has worked, as many customers are now reporting that the rebooting problem has stopped. Those who are still experiencing the problem are advised to turn their car on, make sure it gets a satellite signal, and wait for the disable command to be applied. Once Travel Link services are suspected, the rebooting with stop.

That, however, is just a band-aid solution for the issue, whatever the issue may be. Fiat Chrysler hasn't provided details on what exactly has gone wrong that is causing this particular Uconnect bug and it may not have an answer yet. The company provided yet another tweet, this one with a promise:

That permanent fix will hopefully restore Travel Link service to impacted car owners, but when it'll arrive isn't clear. In the meantime, some affected Chrysler owners are reporting new issues with their systems following the temporary fix. Those include issues charging with the car's USB ports, problems launching CarPlay, and overall slower Uconnect experiences.

SOURCE: The Verge