Chromium OS adds automatic Google Docs sync

Good news for the seven of you that own a Chromebook! The latest version of Google's open source, browser-based operating system, Chromium OS, is now able to automatically sync any files that have been uploaded to Google Docs. Documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, drawings, tables, music, movies, and archives will all be automatically synced to your Chromebook, as long as you're willing to jump through a few hoops.

In order to experience the magic for yourself, you'll need to grab a vanilla build of Chromium OS from Hexxeh, then follow these instructions in order to set up sync:

Go to the developer shell, log in as root, execute mount -o rw, remount /, add –enable-gdata to the list of flags in /sbin/, reboot and go to your File Manager.

It's not quite as easy to set up as iCloud, for example, but does give you some robust control over your files. We can imagine this being helpful for those totally committed to Google's simplified operating system, especially if you live in Google Docs, or just need an easy way of getting files to your Chromebook wirelessly.

Google has promoted Chrome OS, and its open source brother Chromium OS, as cloud oriented. Google also say it's more secure than a traditional desktop based operating system, as you don't have any information outside of Google's servers to be stolen. While adoption of the platform has been slow, recently we saw a Sony Chromebook pass through the FCC. Manufacturers seem not to have given up on the idea of Chrome OS yet, then.

[via Google+]