Chromepad iPad hack gets Chromium OS video demo

A photo and now video seemingly showing Google's Chromium OS running on an Apple iPad has prompted no small amount of controversy these past couple of days, and it's still unclear to what extent the open-source platform has infiltrated the iOS slate.  Modder Hexxeh revealed the fruits of his hacking labors earlier this week, though with very few details, prompting speculation both that he had installed an unofficial ROM and that he was merely using some sort of iPad remote display.Video demo after the cut

Hexxeh's ongoing Chromium OS "vanilla" builds seem to be the basis of his mod, though it's at some cost to the donor iPad itself.  According to one comment, the new ROM is described as "a totally different build, different arch etc. You can't use it as a normal iPad without a restore sadly though."

Although there are plenty of ways the mod could have been fabricated, there's arguably little reason for Hexxeh to have done so; it's not like he's unknown and trying to make a name for himself in the hacking community.  Whether or not Chromium OS has any place – or makes the iPad experience any better – is probably the real question.

[via Engadget and via Chrome OS Site]