ChromeOS bug halts automatic updates on certain Chromebooks

When updates come out for a device, it tends to be good practice to install them. This is especially true for firmware updates, as they can sometimes drastically change the operation of the device. Unfortunately, sometimes those updates can backfire, and that's exactly what appears to have happened with certain Chromebooks.

Recently, Google discovered a bug in the firmware updater for a few devices running their popular ChromeOS software. Since we all know what can happen when a firmware update is botched, the company has suspended automatic updates for the affected devices. The devices mentioned are the Lenovo N22 11.6, Acer Chromebook R11, Sanance / Chromebook 14, Asus Chromebook C300SA and ThinkPad 11e Chromebook.

Overnight, was able to resolve the problem with the Lenovo N22 116 and Acer R11. These have been updated to the latest Beta and Stable channels, which allows for the firmware updates to resume once again. The other affected models are expected to have fixes later in the week.

If you happen to have one of the affected Chromebooks, there isn't too much to worry about. Since Google has stopped the flow of automatic updates from their end, you aren't at risk of anything going wrong. Once they've tracked down the issue, they'll resume sending automatic updates once again.

Source: Chromium