Chromecast with Google TV owners see Stadia Controller code in email

Chromecast with Google TV is one of a set of devices that can now use Google Stadia for cloud gaming. Today is the day that Google TV device gain access to Google Stadia, the company's cloud gaming app and subscription service. To make gaining access to and using Google Stadia as simple a process as possible for Google TV users, Google sent out emails to Chromecast with Google TV users with a price cut on the official Google Stadia Controller.

The Stadia Controller generally costs around $69 USD on its own. This controller is not absolutely necessary for a gamer to make use of Google Stadia, but it DOES make the whole process as streamlined as possible. Take a peek at our Google Stadia Review from its original launch in November of 2019 for more on how it all works.

The code in the email sent this week to some (if not all) Chromecast with Google TV users allows the user to purchase a Stadia Controller for half its original price. If you've never used Google Stadia before, Google's code (in the aforementioned email) also gives users a free month of Stadia Pro.

The official Google Store online also has a bit of a sale to promote the launch of Stadia on Google TV. If you're buying a Chromecast with Google TV or a Chromecast with Google TV and Netflix Bundle, and add a Stadia Controller to your basket, you'll get a discount of approximately $17.25. There's also a sale on the Stadia Premiere Edition package that's $59 instead of $99 USD.

This whole collection of tiny discounts on products from Google at the launch of Stadia for Google TV gives us hope that Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform that we can count on for the long haul. There's little doubt, now, that Google won't be giving up on Google Stadia in the very near future. As the company continues to improve Stadia and launch portals to the service on new platforms, the cloud gaming service can – potentially – become the best in the business.