Chromecast to get Vevo, Blip, and Devour support

Chromecast has scarcely been available for more than a week, and has already seen several video services and companies jump aboard. On July 29, we reported that Vimeo and Redbox Instant were both confirmed to be working on support for Chromecast, and earlier today news surfaced that HBO Go and Hulu will be arriving. Now three more services can be added to the list: Blip, Vevo, and Devour.

Thus far, Chromecast users can use the little $35 dongle to watch Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play content, with several services slated to arrive in the near future and upcoming months. The folks over at Gigaom have received confirmation from a few other services – Vevo, Blip, and Devour – that they will also be adding support for Google's device.

The confirmation comes from spokespersons for the companies, with Blip saying that it will "definitely" be adding support for the dongle, and Vevo being a bit more obtuse in its confirmation: "We will support Chromecast via our web, iOS and Android platforms although we do not have any launch dates to announce at this time."

And then there's Devour, which stated that it will be adding support, and that the support will be coming "very soon." None of the three have given any hard dates for when they'll be arriving on Chromecast, however, so we'll have to wait for announcements from the companies for now. As the folks at Gigaom pointed out, Google made some comments regarding the availability of apps on the streaming device, alluding to a reality where video services may end up having to wait awhile before getting their content on Chromecast.

"The primary reason we are hesitant to enable many apps in is that we know that there will be breaking changes in our release SDK, and we are trying to avoid having Chromecast users that don't need to understand the underlying SDK end up in a state where apps that were working one day stop working the next when we push and update."

SOURCE: Gigaom