Chromecast getting Hulu, HBO Go support in near future

Netflix and YouTube might be the only third-party services compatible with the Chromecast right now, but HBO and Hulu are the first companies since the device's release to reveal that they're working on their own Chromecast apps. Users can stream HBO Go and Hulu content from their Chrome browser to the Chromecast, but official support should make the experience a lot better.

Both HBO and Hulu say they're interested in Chromecast support for their respective streaming services, but Hulu actually said that they're "actively working" with Google to bring Hulu Plus to the Chromecast, while HBO is simply "exploring" the small streaming device for now, and they can't commit on plans at this point.

However, Hulu hasn't committed to a timeline either, as things still appear to be in the early stages for the company, but at least Chromecast users can get excited for the future implementation of Hulu Plus and HBO Go on the Chromecast. Frankly, we're not surprised by the added support, and we should be seeing even more streaming services make their way to the front.

Hulu does say that they will bring Chromecast support to both Android and iOS, so users will be able to take advantage of Hulu streaming whether they're on Android or rocking an iPhone or iPad. It doesn't seem they're in a big hurry, though, as the company said that they don't mind at all if users use the tab-casting trick to stream Hulu content to their TV. As for HBO, we're not sure what their stance is, but they've been known to be pretty stingy with their content.

VIA: Android Community