Chromecast opens to more games, Showtime, Starz

The tiniest of Google devices, Chromecast, has opened its doors to a number of new apps for official connectivity this holiday season. Starting with games like Connect Four Quads, Simon Swipe, and Scrabble Blitz, Chromecast is growing incrementally with big names like Hasbro. Hasbro's Monopoly Dash is another of the new games coming to Chromecast, alongside Wheel of Fortune, Just Dance Now, and Big Web Quiz. And if that wasn't enough in the quiz department, there's also the Emoji Party for questions like Google's suggestion: "how many goats tall is Taylor Swift?"

Big Web Quiz uses Google Knowledge Graph to create questions. Just Dance Now makes you dance with your phone in your hand. Emoji Party has you guessing movie titles made out of tiny faces and odd aesthetics.

There's no one Chromecast app that requires that you have more than a TV with an HDMI port, wireless internet, and either a phone or a tablet.

Above you'll see Showtime Anytime appearing on Chromecast. Google now has a wide array of apps prepared for Chromecast, including NPR One, Plex, Crackle, Red Bull TV, Vevo, Songza, WATCH Disney XD, and HBO GO.

You'll also find Google adding a Chromecast App list to encourage new users for Chromecast this holiday season as well as developers. Imagine your app listed amongst the elite!