Chromecast gets Google Home speaker group syncing for audio

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 19, 2018, 6:47pm CST
Chromecast gets Google Home speaker group syncing for audio

Google has updated Chromecast with the ability to sync to Google Home audio groups. The new functionality enables users to tie together both televisions and speakers in their home, expanding the number of devices that can be used to play audio. When synced to a speaker group, a television with Chromecast will play the same audio as the speakers.

Chromecast, of course, is Google’s small puck-shaped HDMI video device. When connected to a television or monitor, the device passively presents a screensaver until someone casts content from a supported device. Chromecast is primarily used to stream videos, but can also be used to stream audio.

Under the new update, Chromecast users have the option to sync their Chromecast devices with a Google Home speaker group. This will result in the Chromecast-connected display and synced speakers all playing the same audio. This effectively increases the number of audio products available in one’s home, giving them a greater number of options for playing content.

This feature is useful for providing audio in more than one room at a time. Someone with only a television in the bedroom, for example, can sync it via Chromecast to their speaker group to enjoy a podcast, audiobook, or music in the bedroom, as well as other rooms with televisions or speakers.

Users create audio groups using the Google Home iOS and Android apps. As with Amazon’s Alexa devices, Chromecast now supports Pandora Premium, the company’s subscription music service with offline music, playlists, and more.

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