Chromecast gains Aereo: TV streamed to HDMI

Google's Chromecast device caused quite a stir when it was first released, turning the television into a "show me anything" display overnight. With a $35 price tag and integration open to any developer wishing to integrate, this little device is in thousands of homes across the world. Today the team at Aereo have made clear their intent to leverage that group of users.

With Chromecast, users are able to stream content – or "Cast" content, as it were – from their smartphone. This means they'll start up a show or tap an image or video and tap the Chromecast functionality button in the app their in. Once tapped, Chromecast plays said content without the requirement of you keeping said app open.

Aereo is an internet television service. With the two combined, it's possible that users will have full-powered television service for as little at $8 USD a month.

Unfortunate for most TV lovers across the United States, Aereo is not available everywhere – yet. Once it is, users will have to consider splitting up their internet service and television payments – it might just be worth the extra few minutes to get set up the one, single time you'll have to do it.