Chromebox for meetings boosted with new bundle

Early last year Google introduced Chromebox for meetings, which included a Chromebox equipped to facilitate face-to-face meetings. This included an HD camera, microphone, and speaker, as well as a remote control, and was targeted at businesses and others who might need to do face-to-face video conferences. Today the company has announced an update to this, saying that its new offering enables these meetings in bigger spaces — namely, it allows groups of up to 20 people to talk with others elsewhere. Google boasts that Foursquare and Netflix, among others, have tested it out already.

To support the larger rooms, Google has introduced new hardware that'll facilitate them. It all comes in a "Chromebox for meetings" bundle that both meets and exceeds the original bundle's offerings. Among the new hardware is a USB pan-tilt-zoom webcam with 1080p resolution for capturing more of the room.

Google says there also now an extra microphone and an extra speaker, ensuring everyone in the larger room can speak and be heard. The hardware also allows the new camera and extra microphone/speaker to be connected to a dual-display set up, which comes in handy for obvious reasons.

Also tossed into the mix are additional management controls available in the administrator panel, including a single remote view of the Chrome hardware's status and a feature for delegating admin status to others. Full screen mode in Chromebox, says Google, is also available for any Chrome meeting room regardless of size.

The new Chromebox bundle is available now for $1,999 USD.

SOURCE: Google for Work Blog