Chromebooks get support for Windows via Citrix

If you have a Chromebook and you have wished that you could run Windows on the little rig for software compatibility you will like this news. Chromebooks can now get Windows running on the machine via Citrix virtualization, assuming their company supports Citrix virtualization. A new app has been released recently that will let the Chromebook user runs desktops and applications in the data center via a free client app for businesses that are already running Citrix virtualization.

The new app is called Citrix Receiver and has already been offered on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices before. The addition of Chromebook support means that just about every tablet, smartphone or computer can now access the Citrix virtualized environments. The Citrix app is on the Chrome Web Store right now.

Using the app people running a Chromebook can do anything they do with virtualization on their home or office computer. The app allows the Chromebook user to check email, run apps and move between any of their available supported devices for working. The app is free but the company must be using the correct Citrix Receiver for Chrome OS infrastructure to use the client app.

[via PC World]