Chromebook “cheza” to have large 3:2 detachable screen

JC Torres - Aug 13, 2018, 10:37pm CDT
Chromebook “cheza” to have large 3:2 detachable screen

Once largely panned for being glorified browsers in netbook clothing, Chromebooks are becoming one of the most interesting devices in the computing market today. On the software front, you have Android and Linux apps and, just maybe, even Windows 10 dual booting. On the hardware side, you’re getting new form factors that are threatening to make Android tablets obsolete. There are still some new Chromebooks on the way, including the first one powered by Qualcomm’s latest processor and may come with a large, square-ish detachable design.

This Chromebook is only known in source code as “cheza” and it has been making rounds in Chrome OS circles for quite a while and for good reason. It might be one of the few if not just the second Chromebooks that come in a detachable form factor (the HP Chromebook x2 is the first). Given the screen, it might even be designed to be used more as a tablet rather than a laptop.

According to a source code change spotted by XDA, the cheza will be getting a 12.3-inch eDP display, specifically an Innolux TV123WAM, with a resolution of 2160×1440. That effectively gives it a 3:2 aspect ratio, which is more popular among devices meant to be held up more than standing on a desk. It’s also a rare aspect ratio for Chromebooks, with the OG Google Pixelbook being the first and so far only exception.

This “cheza” Chromebook is also expected to be the first one to run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which is also rare for this line of devices. Most Chromebooks either run on rather middling ARM processors or Intel chips ranging from Celerons to Core m3s. In other words, this Chromebook should be, in theory, very powerful and very energy-efficient.

The display, form factor, and processor cement the cheza as a Chromebook that may be designed to compete with the still unimpressive Windows 10 on ARM product line. And that’s not even all that the Chrome OS market will be getting. The “nocturne”, with a similar 3:2 screen but with a higher resolution, is still coming and is believed to be the nearly bezel-less Google Pixelbook 2.

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