Chrome update for iOS and Android brings bug fixes, Passbook support

Google has pushed out Chrome browser updates for iOS and Android, bringing with them a few bug fixes and some new features, with the new features being skewed toward the iOS version. As with all updates, you can nab the apps from the Google Play Store for Android, and from the App Store for iOS. Both updates are available for download now.

The Chrome for iOS update includes both new features and bug fixes. On the features side of things, users can now open PDF files in other applications, and there's a user option for having the browser auto detect text encoding. Support has been added for Passbook, allowing users to save tickets and airline passes. A variety of security and stability updates have also been applied. This is version 23.0.1271.91.

For Android users, the Chrome update is a bit more sparse, side-stepping new features in favor of a few bug fixes and not much else. An update has been released for both ARM and x86 devices, with both of them offering a variety of fixes for common stability problems. This is version 18.0.1025469 for ARM and 18.0.1026322 for x86.

As is expected, there are some known issues with both varieties of Chrome. Apple device users might experience a "Data Unavailable" error message when trying to save images from the web, and may be disappointed to find out that there is presently no "History" option for viewing browsing history. Android users may find font size inconsistentcy on some websites, error messages and instructions for non-mobile versions of Chrome, tabs loading blank, and laggy scrolling.

[via Chrome Blogspot]