Chrome seamless payments and password management near release for all users

Google's at a point where they're confident in Chrome to an extreme degree. Today's news makes that point in a promise that Chrome's seamless payments and password management systems will be active for all signed-in users in the coming weeks and months. These systems were made available to some users over the past year – now they'll be ready to roll for everyone. If you've not used one or both of these features, now's the time to take a peek at what you've been missing.

The announcement was delivered by Chrome Product Manager Sabine Borsay, who said that "over the coming weeks and months, seamless payments and password management will become available to all signed-in users, syncing or not." That's for the Chrome web browser on all platforms, mind you. Just so long as you're ready and willing to use a Google account on your device, Chrome will be ready to manage your passwords and your payment information with relative ease.

Through Chrome, Google acts as a password manager. This means that whenever you log in to a webpage with a password, Chrome is able to save that password to your Google account. This is voluntary, mind you – as is everything else in this set of Chrome features. With the latest set of updates, Chrome will allow you to save your entered password to your Google account (for sync between devices), or in Chrome for that specific device on its own.

This update will arrive on desktop machines first, where the Chrome web browser will ask if you want to save your password with a new dialogue box. This new box will point to the drop-down menu where you will be able to "choose where to save".

In the near future with Chrome on Android devices, users will be able to autofill payment methods across the internet. These payment methods will be delivered via your Google account whether they were stored there on your Android device, on a desktop machine, or elsewhere.

This Android-based Chrome payment autofill system will work with the newly-available single tap option*. Each time a card number is used, Chrome will ask the user to authenticate with biometric options or enter the card's CVC number.

*Chrome on Android will soon include a single tap login system. This will work once you sign in to a Google service like Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos through your web browser. Once you've done this, you have the option to log in to other Google services with a single tap, without having to re-enter credentials each time.

If you believe you have payment methods saved to Google that you'd like removed, you can head to Google Pay Payment Methods right now. You'll see your Google Play balance (even if it's zero), Google Pay balance (even if it's zero), and whatever other payment methods you've saved in the past.