Chrome Owns Pwn2Own, Google's $20K Safe

Last week, we reported on Google's unprecedented $14,000 payout to developers for finding flaws in its Chrome browser. It seems that those fixes have now paid off, since Chrome has not been a big target for hackers at the contest.

"The first contestant was a no-show," Aaron Portnoy, manager of HP TippingPoint's security research team, and Pwn2Own's organizer said. "And the other team wanted to work on their BlackBerry vulnerability. So it doesn't look like anyone will try Chrome."

Of the pre-registered entries, only two had targeted Chrome. Moatz Khader and researchers named only as "Team Anon". But even if someone does succeed in exploiting the browser, Google will only be on the hook for $10,000. The $20,000 payment was only to be paid for a hack on the first day of the festival.

If Chrome escapes without a scratch, which seems likely, it will set a record for surviving three consecutive Pwn2Owns.

Other browsers have not fared as well. Researchers were able to exploit both Safari and IE on Wednesday. The contest will continue until Friday, and researchers will be working to crack Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows 7 Phone and RIM's BlackBerry OS.

[via ComputerWorld]