Chrome OS Makes Another Appearance

Evan Selleck - Aug 17, 2009, 10:25 am CDT
Chrome OS Makes Another Appearance

While everyone else was enjoying their weekend, it looks like somebody was hard at work leaking some pretty important stuff. Well, it’s important if you like Google, Google’s Chrome browser, and anything new. If this is you, then you’ll love what’s been floating around: images that show off Google’s upcoming Chrome Operating System. Sure, we’ve seen some before, but those were proven to be fake, and left us wanting more.

This build is supposedly 0.1.15 and is obviously still in beta, but from what we can tell –and especially compared to the previous images– they look pretty substantive. It looks like Google isn’t against doing what everyone else is doing, and utilizing the Mac-like dock interface at the top of the screen, but we’d be willing to bet that you can move that thing around to your heart’s content. The screenshot also shows us that Google Apps are front and center, as well as a Google search bar. And if you look down at the bottom, you can see that unlike Windows where most of the pertinent running applications are present, Chrome OS supposedly loses all of that for a more minimalistic approach, showing only the battery life, the time, and the Chrome logo.

Google’s Chrome OS isn’t set to ship until the second half of 2010, appearing on netbooks and other systems on the lower-end spectrum, but from what we’ve been told, it will run pretty synchronous with what these shots are displaying. What we’re excited most about though, is the fact that the Chrome OS will be the basic framework for all of the Google Apps on the platform, which allows for a pretty robust offline code as well. Unfortunately, nothing revolving around this shot has been confirmed yet, but we’re hoping soon we find out this is real.

[via Electronista]

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