Chrome on Day 2 Keynote, Verizon Hotspots for All!

Vic Gundotra welcomed everyone to the Keynote for Day 2 today, and confirmed, if the Chrome bubbles on the screen were not enough of a clue, that today's keynote will be focused on Chrome. He also let us know that yesterday there were 60,000 simultaneous viewers of the keynote, and over 100,000 people watched the keynote around the world. We also found out what those blue vouchers were for that we got yesterday.

It will be fulfilled today at 3pm, and everyone will get a Verizon Wifi hotspot from Samsung. The hotspot will give 20mbps download speeds and 10mbps up. Of course, those speeds won't be at Google I/O.

Also, he let us know that the keynote will focus on the the most important platform of our era, the open web. Chrome will be moving the web forward with security, and capability. They then introduced Chrome 12, launching today.

Stay tuned for more!