Chrome has ‘Distill’ mode, like ‘Reader’ for Safari

Nate Swanner - Feb 25, 2015, 3:02 pm CST
Chrome has ‘Distill’ mode, like ‘Reader’ for Safari

One of the bright spots in Safari is the reader mode. Though you might not do a ton of reading via the browser, the ability to cut through the fog of advertising is handy at times. It’s a simple cleaning up process that makes a world of difference. According to a Google evangelist, Chrome is readying their reader option, too. If you’re interested in what Google has in store for a ‘reader’, a preview of it is already available, and it looks pretty sharp.

If we were to summarize, it’s a copycat of Safari. That’s not a bad thing, either — Microsoft is doing something similar with Spartan, so we’re happy Google is also trimming the fat in Chrome.

If you’re using Chrome for mobile, you can navigate to your flags, where an ‘Enable Reader Mode’ option exists. Turn that on, and you’ll find a new icon in your toolbar, which strips the website down to a minimum where available.

Chrome on the desktop will need the ‘Enable DOM Distiller’ switch turned on. Once that’s set, you’ll see a new menu item called ‘Distill page’.

This is available for all Chrome channels, too, so everyone gets a shot at it. At this point, it’s safe to assume chrome’s new ‘Distill’ or ‘Reader’ mode will hit the stable version as a standalone option soon enough.

Source: Francois Beaufort

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