Chrome For iOS Learns Two-Step Questions

Earlier this year Google enhanced the voice recognition search system embedded in the Chrome web browser for desktop machines so that it'd understand pronouns – then this ability came to Android, and now it heads to iOS. What this means for this week's update of Chrome (version 29, that is), is that you'll be able to tap the microphone icon and ask one question, then ask a question immediately following the first assuming Google remembers what you've just asked.

This means that if you're asking Google "who is the President of Russia?" followed by "is he married?" you'll receive the answer Lyudmila Putina – which is doubly impressive due to the fact that they very recently divorced, and it's marked as such. You can also ask oddities like which team your favorite baseball club is facing next, followed by a question on who is playing what position.

This update will be bringing on caching of search results. If you're the sort of person that searches for a topic, clicks a link, then heads back to search results, this will make the whole process of click and return a lot faster. Single Sign On with other Google Apps has been improved as well – it'll be a lot easier to only sign on once to a Google app on your iPhone then switching to another Google app – they're connected at the base!

Chrome 29 brings on a new "Bandwidth Management Settings" option for managing what data goes where and how much Chrome is limited to. This feature will not be available to everyone today – instead it'll be rolled out incrementally – look for it in the near future. Meanwhile users will be able to access Chrome 29 for iPhone and iPad starting today all around the planet.