Chrome browser to get support for gamepads and more

If you are a fan of the Google Chrome browser you will appreciate this. Chrome is said to be getting an update that will add some new support to make gaming on the browser more fun. The browser will be getting support for gamepads. The tip comes from Paul Kinlan, the Google developer advocate. Kinlan made the statement at Develop Liverpool.

The update is set to land in Q1 2012 and will bring with it not only support for gamepads, but a couple other tricks as well. The update will allow Chrome to support cameras and microphones without needing plug-ins for them to operate. Kinlan apparently hinted that the games for Chrome might also get augmented reality and player tracking.

Other plans for the update include support for webRTC, which is an open source application that supprots video chart. That would allow the browser to support video chat with no plug in needed. The tech might also allow Google to add a browser gaming service along the lines of On-Live. That would be interesting for many fans.

[via Next-gen]