Chrome browser gets baked-in Flash support

Whether you're on the "bring on the Flash" side of the fence, or patiently counting down the days until its demise at the hands of HTML5, you can't escape the fact that much of the online content we see is powered by Adobe's technology.  Google have therefore announced a new build of the Google Chrome browser that has Flash baked in; it's the first step in their collaborative work with Adobe to tighten up the Flash experience with a new API rather than the flaky browser plug-in method currently used.

The new version of Chrome – which is available through the developer channel at present – will automatically install Flash and update it through the regular auto-update system.  It also takes advantage of Chrome's sandbox feature, so if one Flash page crashes it should hopefully not bring down the rest of your tabs.  Although there's no talk of it at present, given that Google Chrome OS is heavily based on the Chrome browser, it looks like netbooks and tablets running the operating system will be Flash-capable out of the box.