Choose Your Own Adventure books coming to iPad

With the explosion of e-books lately, there is increasing dialogue about the emergence of books that users can interact with. There's an entire new class of digital books that contain links to websites, have embedded videos and dynamic content, and all sorts of other things that take advantage of the fact that these books are being presented on a digital device.

But long before there were books powered by high-end semiconductors and advanced software, publishing pioneers were introducing the idea of interactive tomes decades and decades ago. They were called "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, and if you're too young to know what that means, then good news – the classic text-based adventures are coming to the iBookstore.

Now of course, it will be impossible to get the same experience as flipping through dozens of pages to find the next chapter in your adventure. Nevertheless, the dynamic nature of the story will be fully replicated, with readers able to click on the path they want to choose and be directed right to the correct page. It's really cool to see these old-school dynamic adventures being remade in the digital age.

[via Wired]