Chinese robot scores new longest distance walked record

A walking robot equipped with four legs has set a new "longest distance walked" record at 134 kilometers. The record was announced by Guinness World Records this week, which reports the robot was created by a team from China's College of Automation of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. All in all, the robot walked just a touch over 83 miles in 54 hours, beating the last record holder.

Guinness World Records requires robots taking on this challenge to walk the distance on a single charge or tank of fuel, which ever is relevant, doing so continuously until it runs out of power. The robot, which is named Xingzhe No. 1, spent 54 hours and 34 minutes walking.

During that time, the robot covered 1405 laps across a 95.39 meter indoor track. This is a big jump over the last record holder, the Ranger Robot developed by Cornell University. In that case, Cornell's robot traveled 40.5 miles and set its own record back in 2011.

Many advances in both robotics and energy have been made in the few years since then, however, and the Chinese researchers pushed those advances as far as they would go. You can see the walking robot in action in the video above.

SOURCE: Guinness World Records