Chinese officials move to close fake Apple Stores in Kunming, China

Last week I mentioned that a very convincing fake Apple Store had been spotted in China that looked almost just like the real thing. The store had workers wearing the sort of clothing most Apple Store workers wear and the store was apparently selling real Apple gear as well. BBC News reports that Chinese authorities have now moved to close down some of the fake Apple Stores that were operating in Kunming city, China.

Trade officials in China started investigating after the story of the fake stores broke and found that there were five stores in Kunming posing as real Apple Stores. Two of those five stores were closed when it was discovered that they lacked the businesses licenses needed to operate. The store in the photo here wasn't closed.

It's still not clear where the store in the photos here, the location described as a very convincing fake, gets its product. The product could come from grey market sources or the gear could come from Apple wholesalers. Even some of the staff at the store was convinced they actually worked for Apple. The shoddy construction in the store and the fact that Apple Store was printed on the front were the tip offs that the store was fake.

[via BBC News]