Chinese dude takes fake MacBook Air into real Apple Store for support

I'm not sure what to think of this Chinese dude that took a fake MacBook Air to one of the only real Apple Stores in the country for support. Either the man is a moron that thinks his cut price FauxBook Air is real or he has the biggest balls of them all. The weird part is the Apple Genius at the store the dude made an appointment with actually helped him.

I suspect the whole thing went down rather like the time in high school when I had a goth chick ask me to a band dance in front of a bunch of people. My mind was all like "ummm...this chick is crazy" but I was thrown off and what came out of my mouth was "ummm...OK." Or, maybe the Apple Genius in this case wasn't such a genius, who knows.

You can see the people working the Apple Store thought it was all pretty funny. You would be surprised what people will do if you can ask with a straight face. The Apple Store in the photos appears to be real, but there have been some convincing fake stores in China before.

[via Mic Gadget]