Chinese Dude Bathes With Eels, One Swims Up His Penis

I know how you early morning types like your weird, so here it is. I know that eels and leeches are different, but the last time I was this grossed out at the thought of a slimy thing getting on private parts was in that Stand by Me scene where he finds the leech in a place guys don't even want to think about. Prepare to squirm guys, you have been warned. Apparently, in China a treatment to make your skin look better is to bathe with some sort of slimy eels.

The eels swim around you and eat all the dead skin off supposedly making you younger looking. The man in question is called Zhang Nan and he is 56. I point out the age because this dude is old enough to know better than to bathe with eels. Apparently, all was fine until the man felt a sharp pain in his guy parts.

He looks down and sees a small 6-inch long leech swimming into his urethra (the urinary tract). The eel went all the way into the man's bladder. The dude says he tried to grab the eel to keep it from going into his urethra, but the eel was too slippery. He was rushed to the hospital where it took three hours to remove the eel from his bladder. The eel was already dead when removed.

[via SFgate]