Chinese CEO builds office building that looks like the USS Enterprise

Star Trek is a beloved sci-fi series that millions of people all around the world love. Some of those people collect all sorts of Star Trek items and some go so far as to decorate their home to look like the Enterprise. A Chinese CEO of a software firm called NetDragon took things to the next level with an awesome building for the company that looks like the USS Enterprise.

In the Google satellite image above, it looks as if the Enterprise landed for repairs on some alien world. The CEO who had this incredible building constructed is Liu Dejian and I hope the construction included an awesome ready room for him to sit in.

The CEO went so far as to get licensing rights from CBS to build the building. Construction costs were $160 million and the building was finished last year. Some drone footage that shows the building from the air was shot back in December and is just now making the rounds.

Other cool features inside the building include a replica of a T-Rex dinosaur, 30-foot metal slides to get to the ground floor from the third floor and automatic sliding gates between each work area. Check out the video of the building below. It looks much more impressive in the Gogol satellite images.