Chinese Baidu Browser Launches In Beta Form

China is the largest market for search and online ads in the world with its huge population going online in droves. Not too long ago I mentioned that Baidu and Microsoft were entering into a search deal that would see some Microsoft Bing search results integrated into the Baidu results in China. This was Microsoft's way to grow its Chinese reach without actually launching Bing in China.

With Microsoft and Baidu working together you might think that any browser Baidu puts out would be more like internet Explorer than say Google Chrome browser, but you would be wrong. After several months of rumors, Baidu has now launched its Chinese language web browser simply called Baidu Browser in beta form.

The browser can be downloaded in China now and anyone familiar with Chrome will see the similarities between Baidu Browser and Chrome in the photo above. The browser is very clean and uncluttered and is said to have fast tabs, keyboard shortcuts, and the placement of menu items in a manner that reminds of the Chrome browser. Baidu says that its browser is different from Chrome with the big differentiator being the application platform. That platform is more focused on what Chinese users want. It has sections for music, video, games, and life.

[via WSJ]