Chinavision Calculator is spy camera; now I've seen everything

There are gadgets for everything these days, so when I first saw this calculator made by Chinavision, I wasn't all that impressed. After all, it looks like a standard calculator with a form factor stuck in the 80's. However, this is no ordinary adder and subtractor.  


This is a spy calculator. Yes, you read that right. This device works just like a standard calculator but it also has a small camera mounted on the side that spies on whatever is going on to the side of you.

This camera no doubt records in bad quality video, but that's okay. This is just meant to be a little spy gadget anyway. We don't know the specs for this one, but it could be a decent way to make sure no one is stealing your pens or office paper. Even so, the cool factor is knocked down several pegs due to the $193 price tag.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]