Chinavision Abyss watch don’t need no stinkin’ hands

Shane McGlaun - Jul 27, 2010
Chinavision Abyss watch don’t need no stinkin’ hands

We like our weird and strange watches around there, even if most of us don’t wear watches. I haven’t had a watch on my wrist in nearly half a decade and don’t miss them. If you like to collect strange and interesting watches Chinavision has a new one called the Abyss for you.

The watch has a black band and a black face with blue LEDs marking the time. When you do not need to tell the time, the watch face is just a black circle. Touching the face of the watch activates the LEDs showing the time.

To set the time the wearer holds a finger on the screen to enter the settings mode. It appears that the LEDs only illuminate enough to show the hours and minutes so at 12 you would only have a single LED lit at the top. You can get yours for $48.09 and Chinavision will ship to the US.

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