China-Made Photo Frame with hidden viruses, sold at major Retailers.

Snap! The China-made goods is on the news again, tainted food, poisonous lead and now a malicious virus-infected digital photo frame that identified by Computer Associates as Mocmex , "a nasty worm that has a great deal of intelligence" and "a nuclear bomb of malware"

You know the Antivirus software company tends to exaggerate the state of urgency when it comes to viruses, but it's not worst than some of them with antivirus suite for OSX. Nevertheless, any malicious self-propagated worm that has been spreading worldwide with variants over 67,500 kinds is not to be taken lightly.

The Mocmex was first identified as a Trojan horse that collected online games passwords, further studies has revealed its ability to get around more than hundred antivirus vendors and Windows security layers. The malware infected PC only ( Winblow !, what else?), and known to download files and hid them randomly with hard to trace patterns, it would then propagated to another PC or other portable storage device as a shelter as soon as it's plugged into one. CA says Mocmex's strength is more than just a simple game-password collector, it has the potential for a much bigger attack with its nature to collect personal and private data.

According to SANS, they have found more than four other trojans in different brand of photo frames sold at Best-buy, Costco, Target, and Sam's Club. Computer Associates also has traces of the virus backdoored to a specific group in China. If you have concerns with recent purchase of your digital photo frames, I suggest you read the report the how-to and SANS contact information from San Francisco Chronicle.