China has 513 million web users

China is the most heavily populated country on earth with over 1.3 billion people living there as of 2010. By comparison, the US has over 307 million as of the census conducted in 2009. China has more people that use the internet than live in the US. The astonishing part is that China has over 200 million more people using the web than the entire US population.

China has now reached 513 million internet users according to an industry group. Many web users in China access the internet on mobile phones and the number of people that use handheld devices for internet access in the country has grown 17.5% since last year to 365 million users. China is notorious for blocking access to sites the government deems inappropriate.

However, Chinese citizens are apparently encouraged to use the web for education. The total number of mainland China web users is up 12% compared to last year according to a study compiled by the Chinese government. I am sure once Chinese citizens can get their iPhone the number of users will increase more.

[via USA Today]