China denies hacking against the US

Earlier this morning we reported that allegations have surfaced that China was conducting cyber attacks against the United States. The alleged attacks were being conducted on American media companies and other businesses. Media companies including the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal have all said that they were the target of cyber attacks that originated within China.

Allegations have claimed that the Chinese government is supporting hacker groups within the country. The hacks are believed to have originated from a unit of the People's Liberation Army called Unit 61398. China has dismissed the accusations of hacking against the US and other countries as "groundless."

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei has stated that he doubted evidence collected would withstand scrutiny. Hong also said that making groundless accusations based on rough material is "neither responsible nor professional." Hong made these comments during a regularly scheduled news conference. China continues to maintain that it has also been the target of coordinated cyber attacks along with the United States and other countries.

Hong said that cyber attacks and cyber crimes within China "are rising rapidly every year." China has also reiterated that it has laws that strictly outlaw hacking. The most recent allegations, which some call the most damaging ever against China, come from a security company based in Virginia called Mandiant Corp.

[via AP]