Chimera BC16 Mini-Synth: bizarre, flexible analog modular synth

I've a weakness for odd, glitchy music makers, and Chimera's BC16 Mini-Synth looks like a perfect example of the breed.  The size of a CD (only thicker, obviously), the BC16 might look like a bedroom project but it's actually being factory manufactured and finished by hand; the patch cables link up the VCO, LFO, Envelope, 24db filter, noise and ring modulator in any order you see fit, and then you can twiddle the knobs to your heart's content.  First announced at the end of last year, it's taken Chimera a little longer than expected to get them ready for shipping, but word on the street is that production has caught up with preorders.Check out the video of the BC16 in action after the cut

It could be that the BC16 has been a victim of its own success; priced at just $229, it's inexpensive for something that "excels at making VCS3-style strange noises".  This really is the sort of thing that you know if you could use.  Have we any music geeks among the SlashGear readership?  Let me know in the comments.

Chimera are next planning to make a 303-clone, the PH303, which will be a bargain $299, and the SM16, a sequencer and MIDI/CV interface.  No word on how long you'll have to wait to get your BC16, but at least the people who feared it was all a scam can rest easy. 

[via Music Thing]