Chevy Volt loaded on to car carriers and on way to first customers

We first heard about the GM Volt way back in 2007 and it has taken a really long time for GM to get the Volt ready for delivery to the first round of customers that ordered the extended range EV. GM announced that the first of the Volt's left the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant yesterday.

The first round of Volt's are being delivered to consumers in California, Texas, Washington D.C. and New York and will be in the hands of customers in a few days according to GM. The first couple carriers full of Volt vehicles are the first of 160 units that are expected to ship this week. The Volt is good for a total of 379 miles of driving before needing a recharge and a fresh tank of gas to generate more electricity.

"Today is a historic milestone for Chevrolet," said Tony DiSalle, Volt marketing director. "We have redefined automotive transportation with the Volt, and soon the first customers will be able to experience gas-free commuting with the freedom to take an extended trip whenever or wherever they want."