Chevy Shows Off Actual Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Movie Cars

I have enjoyed the Transformers films well enough. My kids liked the last film the best and it was one of the better ones in the franchise. If you have watched the film you have seen Bumblebee and Sideswipe during the flick. At the Texas State Fair, Chevrolet had both the Stingray Concept that was actually the Sideswipe car from the film and the actual Camaro that was Bumblebee in the film on hand.

These cars are both specifically made for film. While Bumblebee was made from a stock Camaro SS with a few visual tweaks, the Stingray Concept is a handmade concept car. You might have wondered why you never see the inside of Sideswipe since the car has no top. That would be because the vehicle wasn't finished out on the inside. It has a pair of racing seats, a steering wheel, and painted on gauges. However, the concept is a running and driving car.

We were asked not to post photos of the inside of the car so there are no shots of the cool scissor doors in operation. The Bumblebee car was a running and driving vehicle. All the carbon fiber you see is actually stickers on both of the cars. Check out the gallery to see more photos of both the Transformer cars. If you are wondering, the Transformers special edition of the Camaro will not look exactly like the movie car. One big change is that the yellow the Camaro will be offered in for the special edition is a much lighter yellow than the movie car.