ChevronWP7 dev unlock service coming for $9

Remember the merry band of geeks called ChevronWP7 that had the unlocking tool back early this year for WP7 handsets? The launch of the unlock tool was seen by some as the first step to an unofficial app store for the Windows Phone 7 platform. That hope didn't last long though after ChevronWP7 removed the app at Microsoft's request.

The ChevronWP7 gang is coming back now with a new and official unlock service that they are charging money for. One of the team, Chris Walsh, tweeted recently with some details on what the unlock service will cost. The smartphone can be unlocked for $100 apparently. If you are a dev and want to unlock your device for development use only the price is much cheaper.

Devs can free their WP7 handset for $9. The goal of the unlock program is to promote app development by giving small dev firms and independent devs the tools to create apps that are cheap. Anyone thinking that the unlock will allow them to grab pirated apps for their device will be disappointed. Apparently the handset will be blocked from using pirated apps even after the unlock.

[via Pocketnow]