Chevrolet wants 70% of its new Impala sedans to be sold to retail customers

Shane McGlaun - Apr 9, 2013
Chevrolet wants 70% of its new Impala sedans to be sold to retail customers

Production for the new Chevrolet Impala officially kicked off earlier this month. Chevrolet is building its new flagship sedan and is set to ship the vehicles dealer showrooms this month. Traditionally, sales of the Chevrolet Impala haven’t been very strong with retail customers.

Previous versions of the Chevrolet Impala have predominantly been sold to fleet customers. In fact, Chevrolet says that 70% of 2013 Impala sales were sold to fleet customers. That means only 30% of the entire volume of 2013 Chevrolet Impalas sold went to retail customers. Fleet customers include things such as law enforcement agencies and rental fleets.

Chevrolet wants to change things significantly with the new 2014 Impala. Rather than selling 70% of its Impalas to fleet customers, Chevrolet wants to flip that and sell 70% of the new Impala to retail customers. Chevrolet has already announced a 36-month lease for the new 2014 Impala LT featuring a V-6 engine at $279 a month. That lease will require $2799 at signing.

Chevrolet is hoping to make the leasing option appealing because vehicle leases keep customers returning to dealer showrooms every few years. Chevrolet also expects the 2014 Impala to help it grow its full-size segment lead and take market share from other competitor’s including midsize vehicles, crossovers, luxury vehicles, and imports. Chevy also hopes the new Impala attracts a younger group of buyers and more professional buyers. Chevrolet says the retail buyers of the 2013 Impala are typically in the early 60s in nearly 2/3 are men.

[via Detroit News]

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