Chevrolet makes the 2013 Volt better

Chevrolet has announced improvements for the 2013 Volt extended range electric vehicle. The main change is that the MPGe for the vehicle has changed from 94 miles to 98 miles. The extended range operation with the gasoline generator operating is now 380 miles.

One of the other changes is that the all-electric range of the 2013 Volt has been increased to 38 miles on a single charge. That is a small improvement of three additional miles compared to the 2012 version. The extra driving distance was squeezed out of the Volt batteries by making minor changes to the material composition of the battery cell chemistry according to General Motors.

Engineers also increased the total storage capacity of the batteries from 16 kWh to 16.5 kWh. The charging time for Volt battery packs will increase slightly using a 120 V outlet will now take 10.5 hours to charge the 2013 Volt completely or 4.25 hours using a 240 V charging unit.