Chevrolet introduces MyLink interface for smartphones

For a long time now, Ford vehicles have been coming with an awesome Sync system that allows you to control all sorts of things inside the car using your voice. The feature that I like most about Sync is the heavy integration you can get with your smartphone for calls and more. Chevy has been a bit behind the times relying on OnStar for its connectivity in cars for the most part, but the carmaker has now announced MyLink that is powered by Nuance.

Interestingly Nuance also powered Sync for Ford as well. Chevrolet MyLink will land in the 2012 Volt and Equinox SUV to start with and I would imagine it would come to other vehicles in the Chevy line down the road as well. The system allows the user to use their voice to initiate phone calls, change radio station, and select portable media devices (again exactly like Sync).

The MyLink will support apps using your voice with Pandora and Stitcher SmartRadio support (broken record here, Sync does this too). MyLink has Gracenote capability as well to identify the music collection of the driver on their smartphone or MP3 player and then puts the cover art and other details about the music on the MyLink screen, this is the first thing that Sync doesn't offer and its really pretty cool.