Chevrolet FNR rides into Shanghai straight from the future

When car makers today talk of and flaunt their concept of the car of the future, they are mostly referring to the technologies found inside the car, some of which can even remove the need for a human driver. Most of the time, however, the body of the car itself remains rooted in the present, or sometimes even in the past. Not so for Chevrolet. At the Shanghai Auto Show, it has unveiled the FNR concept, a car of the future that not only boasts of technology of the future, it actually looks futuristic as well.

Perhaps car makers want to focus first on perfecting the components and technologies inside before splurging on the external design. Or maybe they feel that putting a very futuristic face on an already unfamiliar car might be too much of a change for drivers and owners. Whatever their reasons may be, Chevrolet doesn't seem to share them. The unique capsule design flaunts glass, curves, and sharp edges, accentuated by the FNR's dragonfly dual swing doors. Crystal laser headlights and taillights add even more credibility to this futuristic car.

But the Chevy FNR isn't just futuristic from the outside, even inside and under the hood it can boast of technologies of the future. Each wheel hides insides a magnetic hubless electric motor. It has a roof-mounted radar that helps the car "see" its surrounding and make better judgments about its driving. Yes, the FNR is a self-driving concept car, with Chevrolet's Intelligent Assistant taking the role of your personal car butler.

Inside the cabin, the driver and passengers are afforded amenities of a car from the future. They are all embraced by a blueish glow that is most often associated with futuristic interfaces. The FNR also throws away the key, leaving authentication and security in the hands of iris scanning. And, since this car should rarely need human intervention, the front seats can swivel 180 degrees to face the rear seats for a more engaging and face-to-face conversation.

Some might think that Chevrolet might have gone overboard with the futuristic design of the FNR concept, but, as a concept, it fits the need. It can also perhaps inspire others to also give this aspect of tomorrow's cars some deeper thought and we might see other car makers will soon reveal their own visions of the future.


VIA: Auto Blog