Cherry Picks 2008: Gibson Robot Guitar

James Allan Brady - Jan 6, 2008

Allow me to list just the technology stuffed in this thing that allows it to tune itself, there are locking servo powered tuners in the tuning keys, there is a CPU in the neck, which is all controlled by they Tune-Control Bridge, a Tune Core Controller, Data-Transmitting Tailpiece and much more. To tune it, automatically, obviously, because why would you buy this to tune it yourself, you select A440 tuning or there are 5 other presets.

Then you hit the control knob and strum the guitar once and the robotic ears allow these things to automatically tune everything. It does it one string at a time, and as it works, there are lights on the volume knob that light up.

The best part, is that all of this tech doesn’t add hardly any weight to the guitar, so, you can quickly tune your guitar and get straight to the music without adding a ton of weight. If you want one, you can pick one up now for $2500.

Alright, that was all mostly from the press release, but I just saw this thing, not only does this thing look amazing (with a touch of geek on the back with a window to view most of the tech stuff), they have different colors. I mentioned the available presets, yeah, you can also program your own tuning styles. The best part, all of this actually works, the guy got up on stage, strummed the guitar, it was horribly out of tune, he hit the knob, strummed the strings a couple time, hit the button again so it would start outputting audio again, and then he started playing, it literally took me more time to type that than it did for the guitar to tune itself.

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