Cheetah 15K.6 hard drives from Seagate shipping - not quite as cheesy as Chester

These are 3.5" hard drives that would only end up in a home computer if it were and uber-l33t gaming computer. That's to say they are fast, expensive, and only have Fibre Channel or SAS connection options.

Those two connection options may not be something you're too familiar with, but I am pretty sure FC is still the fastest connection for a hard drive out there, and SAS stands for Serial as SCSI, so basically it connects a SCSI hard drive via a serial connection. This particular new model that is shipping is offering up a 28% increase in sustained data transfer rates compared to older models, that means it goes great in servers, especially file servers.

You can get it in 450GB, 300GB, and 147GB capacities. If you are wondering why the capacities are so weird its because once you hit the 10k RPM mark on a hard drive, from there up, for some reason unknown to me, the disk sizes get skewed. No word on price or availability and I couldn't find them on Google, so they must just be shipping from the factory.

[via PCLaunches]