Check out YouTube's Ultra HD 4K video experiments at 60 FPS

Super-smooth video is coming to YouTube in the form of 4K 60 FPS video. YouTube is gearing up to be a competitor for Twitch TV, so it needs to be able to replay gameplay clips at the same amazing level of graphics as the actual games. 4K display is becoming the new standard for ultra-real VR headsets like Oculus, and we've seen 4K 60 FPS on the newest generation consoles like the XboxOne and PS4. Unless your device has the capability to run 60 FPS video at a 3840x2160 resolution, you are not going to see these clips in all of their Ultra HD glory.

This isn't something that is going to become standard for all videos. Only a select number of high-tech and high-priced cameras can record at 60 FPS. Also, these clips are short. I doubt YouTube will be creating 1-hour long videos at 60 FPS anytime soon. The buffering for a 3-minute video is long enough.

Actually, I tried playing the YouTube clips on my new HP laptop, and it doesn't have the power to display them perfectly. One of the caveats of 60 FPS video is that if your machine can't render that many frames per second, then your playback will appear a little choppy because you'll be missing frame information. These are probably contributing reasons as to why we're not seeing an onslaught of 60 FPS video streaming yet.

Take a look a the newest selection of 60 FPS videos. You're going to want to play them in Chrome or Safari to avoid playback issues. It will not work in Firefox. Trust me, I tried.

You can engage the 4K mode by clicking the gear in the bottom-right side of the video player that appears after you start the video. I chose the K-Pop video first because, let's face it, K-Pop girls are so darn cute.

Source: Tech Crunch