Cheap Neonode zBook platform breaks cover

The eBook reader market is booming right now coming off the holiday season where an eReader was one of the most wanted tech gifts to be had. New devices like the Nook and some of the Sony readers were sold out leaving Amazon and its Kindle reader to enjoy huge sales.

With the popularity of the eReader right now there are lots of companies trying to get readers to market and Neonode has unveiled a new eBook platform called the zBook that is low costs and will help bring cheap eReaders to market quicker. The platform is aimed at companies looking to produce a reader needing 100% transparent touch windows, multi-touch capability, and capable of input from a finger or a stylus.

The screen used in the zBook platform is an electronic ink TFT LCD that needs no backlight. The screen tech also supports pen input, gestures for zooming, and other functions. The zForce tech is already in use in other devices on the market today including mobile phones, MIDs, eReaders, digital picture frames and tablet computers.