Cheap Linux PMPs get touchscreen Linux hack

The iPod may have won the popularity war for PMPs in many markets, but that hasn't stopped a healthy ecosystem of unknown-brand media players that are usually cheap and, in varying degrees, cheerful.  Such players just got a little more useful, with a hack to run Linux on PMPs using the common Ingenic JZ4732 chipset, such as the Onda VX747.Video demo after the cut

What that means is that for the cost of a cheap PMP (and with a little research to make sure it uses the right chipset – the JZ4732 is known to be compatible, but there's speculation that other Ingenic models will play relatively nicely too) you can have a touchscreen Linux terminal.  How long, do you think, before someone attempts to load Android onto one?

There are full instructions here, together with some ideas on which PMPs use the Ingenic JZ4732 chipset.  If you attempt it yourself, let us know!

[via MP4 Nation - Thanks Raz!]