Cheap dock is perfect for lazy DS owners (like me)

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 4, 2008

I’ll admit that I’m actually pretty bad about plugging in my DS (and my phone). My excuse is really rather poor too. I hate dealing with the stupid cord, it’s so ugly draped across my desk that I keep it tucked away in a drawer. Now if I had a dock, it might be a different story.

This Hori Charge Stand is exactly what I’ve been needing. It’s a simple stand that does little more than recharge my favorite portable console. Sure, I can get by with my old gray cord, but this thing just looks so much better.

The dock comes in either white or black which is fine for me, but bad for those with a fancy new Cobalt Blue DS. The best part is that this dock will only set you back $17. I might just look into getting one when they go on sale in April.

[via DS Fanboy]

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