Chat Program / CNN app Detailed at Google Android Honeycomb Event

Chris Burns - Feb 2, 2011
Chat Program / CNN app Detailed at Google Android Honeycomb Event

With a single click, they thusly were connected through video chat. After a short bout with attempting to find a user by the name of “Lady Killer,” later revealed to be Cee-Lo Green, the user on stage and his friendly other-screen ally were able to connect visually. It’s revealed that, in the classic manner, the user’s image is tiny in the lower right of the screen while the person they’re talking to takes up the entire remainder. This functionality appears to work instantly and smoothly. The video quality isn’t perfect, but the video works so well and functions so fast, we’re willing to forgive, for now. After the video chat demo, a CNN rep steps on stage to show his and their wares. The Vice President of Mobile for CNN speaks up and out of a CNN app that will be launching for the Honeycomb tablet in the near future. This is a giant gallery-aesthetic app that appears to work very smooth, flicking back and forth between stories, showing live coverage of news via the tablet.

Head stories as well as breaking news are shown instantly via Honeycomb in this CNN app. A CNN rep by the name of Lila shows iReport – a portion of the CNN app that allows people to share videos and photos from wherever they happen to be in the world. This piece of CNN’s master Android plan will also soon be available as an app on the Honeycomb-based tablet. How they’ll avoid all sorts of inappropriate images and videos, we don’t know. This is where CNN gets all of their “on the spot” coverage, like the skit on SNL. They hope that with the combination of all of the different elements they’ll be collecting and spreading with these apps, a new form of news will grow.

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